We aim to provide high quality, cost effective single use solutions to the surgeon. Arthroscopy is evolving all the time. We work hard to ensure the surgeon has a high quality alternative.

Hip Arthroscopy Set

The hip arthroscopy set, contains 3 sharp stainless steel needles, that allow quick atraumatic access to the hip joint. Also three strong, flexible nitinol guide wires, that provide the starting point for identification under fluoroscopy and further instrument passage and access to the patient's hip joint. The Hip Arthroscopy Set is an alternative to the SMITH & NEPHEW® Hip Pac 7209874

Shoulder Arthroscopy Set

The Shoulder Arthroscopy Set includes, a stockinette-lined sleeve, cohesive bandage, traction cord and hook. Enabling the surgeon to achieve the desired level of traction required to distend the shoulder joint for Shoulder Arthroscopy procedures. The Shoulder Arthroscopy Set is an alternative to the SMITH & NEPHEW® Shoulder Suspension Kit 72200195

Shoulder Traction Set 

The Shoulder Traction Set provides the surgeon with a more refined alternative to the Shoulder Suspension Set. Enabling the surgeon to manipulate the patient's arm precisely and thus distending the joint of the Shoulder with precision. The Set includes: a foam arm support to be wrapped around the forearm and secured with Velcro. Packed together with cohesive bandage, EPE foam grip tube and waterproof, plastic sleeve cover. An alternative to the SMITH & NEPHEW® Shoulder Stabilization Kit 7210573

Ankle Distraction Straps

Ankle straps provide optimum positioning and distraction of the ankle joint. With comfortable foam padding and strong steel hook able to cope with maximum traction. Supplied sterile, for single use and are latex free. An alternative to the SMITH & NEPHEW® GUHL™ Ankle Distraction Strap 014407

Pelvic Pad, Supine

Comfortably secures the patient in position during a hip arthroscopy procedure, whilst enabling the surgeon to distract the appropriate hip. For use with a Supine Hip Positioning System. An alternative to the SMITH & NEPHEW® Supine Perineal Post Pad 72200634

Foot Pad

Comfortably secures the patient's feet within a traction boot, preventing the heel and leg from moving during a hip arthroscopy procedure. For use with a Supine Hip Positioning System. An alternative to the SMITH & NEPHEW® Boot Insert Pad (2) 722007635

Face Mask

Comfortably secures the patient's face within a beach chair, for shoulder arthroscopy procedures. An alternative to the SMITH & NEPHEW® Disposable Face Masks (8) 7210559