Sports Med

The Scan-anchor a must in soft tissue bone anchors. A unique device designed to incorporate everything a surgeon would like to have in a single device.


A soft tissue titanium bone anchor preloaded on a disposable stainless steel insertion device with two attached independent non-absorbable braided sutures. 

Secure grip disposable hex-shaft screwdriver. Easy to use, protects sutures. The Scan-Anchors are equipped with a double depth indicator. The distal indicator indicating when the anchor head is embedded and the proximal indicator situated at 10mm so that the surgeon can evaluate best required anchoring depth. Sutures are identified by different colours and are in separate eyelets thereby avoiding suture blocking. The screwdriver handle is transparent to allow for knowing how the sutures are orientated before withdrawing the disposable screwdriver. Sutures orientation is perpendicular to the ‘ladder’ seen through the anchor handle.

  • Proximal hex head. Non-traumatic.
  • Two separate suture eyelets. Ease for suturing.
  • A cylindrical section. Secure long term fixation.
  • Self tapping notches. Initial security.
  • A conical section. Easy penetration and positioning.
  • Dagger tip. Easy insertion from any angle.
  • Double depth indicator (3 mm anchor embedded and 10 mm).
  • Suture orientation indicator through transparent insertion handle.

3 sizes available :

  • Scan-Anchor 28 Ø 2,8 mm
  • Scan-Anchor 35 Ø 3,5 mm
  • Scan-Anchor 50 Ø 5,0 mm