Hip, Knee & Shoulder Spacer Implants

Consistent and effective infection fighting capabilities achieved using anitbiotic (Gentamicin) loaded cement. A strong, durable spacer with an even distribution of Gentamicin throughout the cement mantle. Hip Spacers are reinforced with a steel core, with a choice of head diameters and stem lengths. Knee Spacers with tibial post, and three size options. Trials supplied with all spacers.

Shoulder Spacer

Available in two sizes, 40 and 48mm heads. Antibiotic: Gentamicin, with trials

Hip Spacer

Available in five sizes, 40, 48 and 58mm heads, both standard and extra long stem lengths. Antibiotic: Gentamicin, with trials

Knee Spacer

 Available in three sizes, 58, 65 and 79mm, left knee and right knee spacers - specifically conformed to the left and right knees. Antibiotic: Gentamicin, with trials